A pellet stove refers to a stove that burns biomass pellets or compressed wood to produce heat instead of regular wood logs. Many homeowners choose pellet stoves as a cleaner fuel source to be more environmentally conscious and create a safer environment for their families. As with any fuel burning appliance, pellet stoves work best when they are properly maintained.

Treat Your Pellet Stove Right and Get Better Performance

Your pellet stove needs regular maintenance to keep operating safely and efficiently. You’ll save money because you won’t need as much fuel to generate the same heat. And you’ll reduce your likelihood of needing expensive repairs down the road. When your pellet stove is in better condition, it will last longer, so you can wait longer to replace it. Cleaning and maintenance doesn’t take a lot of time, but it has so many benefits.

Pellet stove maintenance has many benefits, including:

Using less fuel for the same heat and burn time.

Ensuring your stove is safe and reducing your risk of fire.

Reducing the risk of breakdowns and repairs.


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Maintenance might sound simple, but we cover a lot of ground in our inspection and cleaning. We inspect every part of the stove, from the hopper to the latch switches. We check for safety issues, from creosote to electrical issues and the motor. We will clean out the soot from the fire chamber and out to the exhaust ports. Lastly, we will test the stove to make sure it starts up properly and runs safely.


How to avoid unexpected expenses
What can you expect from Haven Home ClimateCare’s inspection process?

We arrive when we say we will .

We complete your inspection properly.

We keep you updated on your stove’s condition.

When we inspect your pellet stove, we will let you know if there is an excess build-up of creosote so that you can schedule a WETT inspection and chimney sweep. These services help keep your chimney clean for even cleaner burning and to prevent fires.

Why Choose a Pellet Stove?

Why pellet stoves? These fantastic stoves produce great heat, but they produce much less creosote or soot than fireplaces and other wood-burning appliances. Another great thing about pellet stoves is that you can control the quality of the fuel. You can reduce your stove’s need for maintenance by burning dry and clean fuel instead of wet and lower-quality fuel.

If it’s time for pellet stove maintenance, trust the job to the professionals at Haven Home ClimateCare. Get in touch with us today to schedule a visit and keep your stove running as smoothly and safely as possible.

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