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When purchasing a new air conditioning unit, one of the first things that customers wonder about is how long should an AC last. Air conditioners are like cars in the way that they will last longer if you keep them maintained. In general, the average life of an air conditioner is roughly 10 to 15 years. If the air conditioner is being used heavily, then 10 years is more to be expected. With seldom use and proper ongoing maintenance, air conditioners can last anywhere from 20 to 25 years.

Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Air Conditioner

To prolong the air conditioner’s lifespan, there are a variety of things that a homeowner can do. One of the best things is to get a professional come out and do air conditioner maintenance once a year. These annual tune-ups can catch issues before they become more severe and costly. The condenser on the AC unit will be inspected for cleanliness and efficiency.

Another useful strategy on getting the most out of an air conditioner is to have the condenser placed on the north side of the home. That way, less sun exposure will be able to come in contact with the condenser, which results in prolonged life. When fall and winter roll around, covering up the condenser will prevent debris from clogging it.

Throughout the warm summer months, keeping the thermostat set at a temperature that isn’t super cold will ensure that the AC lasts longer. Most devices will break down the more you use them, and air conditioners are no different. If you feel like your air conditioner requires maintenance and want to lower the chances of having to purchase a brand new zone anytime soon, then take a look at our Haven Home ClimateCare maintenance plans.

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Signs You Need a New Air Conditioner 

There are tell-tale signs that indicate that it’s time to start looking for a new air conditioning unit. 

  • If you’ve had the AC unit for over a decade and have used it frequently, it might be nearing the end. 
  • Those that have Freon based air conditioners will run into problems finding suppliers to fill up the unit with the chemical. 
  • The motor/compressor keeps malfunctioning. 
  • You start to hear clunking and grinding sounds. 
  • You installed it yourself or it was done by someone that isn’t a licensed professional. 
  • You’ve already invested money into getting it repaired in the past. 

Air conditioning units that are treated and maintained with proper care will last longer. The process isn’t a difficult one, and is much more convenient in comparison to the difficulty of a full unit replacement. Book your next precision tune-up with an expert at Haven Home ClimateCare.  

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