Big Green Egg and Saber Barbecues Kingston Loves

How do you buy a new BBQ? Where do you start?

Chances are, you already know the fuel you prefer. The world of grillers is sharply split, 50/50, between:

If you aren’t sure, we can tell you this, generally:

  • Gas offers convenience and control you can’t get with charcoal, and preserves more meat taste when cooking.
  • Charcoal gets hotter than most gas grills, and imparts a smoky flavour many grillers find improves the taste of the meat.

Gas grills for some, charcoal for others

We aren’t here to pressure you in one direction or the other. In fact, we carry gas grills from Saber, the industry leader in premium gas grills, and charcoal grills from Big Green Egg, Canada’s most recognized, respected manufacturer.

Saber grills

Saber grills are totally unique, using a patented infrared grilling technology that helps keep meat juicy. It helps even novice grillers impress whoever they’re cooking for.

Freestanding grills and built in grills feature multiple heating zones, precision heat controls and uniquely sturdy construction designed to resist the elements for years, so you can grill outdoors all 4 seasons.

Saber grills come in 12 different styles, from small, apartment-sized grills to large outdoor kitchens with every feature you can imagine.

Big Green Egg grills

Your Big Green Egg comes with a lifetime warranty. It will be the last grill you ever need to buy.

It comes in 5 sizes:

These charcoal grills require no lighter fluid to start, and reach your desired temperature fast.

Come take a look

If you’re a more hands-on sort of buyer, as grill buyers are, come by our showroom and see the Big Green Eggs and Saber grills for yourself.

We’ll walk you through the feature of each and help make your decision easier in whatever way we can.

Give us a call today or stop by to learn more.

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