Fireplaces are lovely, but creosote is not. Our chimney sweeping and WETT inspections services can help clean up harmful pollutants like creosote and keep your fireplace safe, so that you can enjoy it without worry. The WETT certified technicians at Haven Home can help you make sure that your fireplace was installed correctly and will operate safely.

WETT Inspections are important because:

They help ensure that your fireplace is working safely.

They may be required for you to get home insurance.

They alert you that you need to have harmful creosote removed.


Chimney sweeping is an important service because cleaning ash and soot out of your chimney prevents fires and gas emissions, making for a cleaner and safer environment. More soot in your fireplace means more gases are released which is less environmentally conscious and increases the possibility of fires. Many experts suggest having an open masonry chimney swept after 1/8-inch of soot build-up.


WETT stands for Wood Energy Technology Transfer. This process includes a complete inspection of all your wood-burning appliances including open fireplaces and stoves by a certified technician. WETT is a professional certification that teaches our technicians everything they need to know to verify that a fireplace is working well and safely. The courses detail how to inspect the chimney and fireplace. We can check for installation problems, as well as issues caused by damage and deterioration.
Some of the steps in a WETT inspection include:

  • A close inspection of your chimney
  • A check of the smoke chamber
  • Liner and flue evaluation
  • Firebox appraisal
  • Damper inspection
  • Inspection of the hearth for structural issues
  • A general inspection of the area surrounding your fireplace


How to avoid unexpected expenses

WETT inspections are important not just for safety but also for insurance purposes. You may not be able to get your home insurance unless you get a WETT inspection from a WETT certified professional. WETT inspections are not just about chimneys. We can inspect the following elements:




What is Creosote?

WETT inspections check for creosote levels. Creosote is soot, and a build-up of more than 3 mm presents a serious safety hazard. A fireplace with creosote should be cleaned, and most fireplaces will need this service once per year, no matter how often it is used. If you burn more than 5 cords of wood in your fireplace, you’ll need a mid-season clean too.

All of our Haven Home ClimateCare experts are WETT certified and are happy to assist you with your wood-burning appliances or answer any questions regarding WETT inspections and chimney sweeping. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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