With geothermal cooling systems, you’re looking at a method of staying cool that not only helps you save on energy, but money as well – all in a reliable, safe and effective manner that also allows you to heat your home when the winter months come. They work by taking advantage of the ground or water (such as from a pond or lake) around your house, which is often cooler than the air outside, in order to cool your home.

Benefits of Geothermal Cooling Systems

Geothermal systems offer a wide range of benefits over traditional products such as air conditioners:

They help you save money. Geothermal cooling systems can provide you with reduced costs when compared to gas, oil, propane or electric furnaces, and may even help you get discounted home insurance rates.

They work in both seasons. Because of the way they operate, they can also keep you warm in the wintertime, using geothermal heating systems.

They offer energy efficiency. Compared to systems that use carbon-based fuel, geothermal cooling systems can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than two-thirds.

They release no odours. These systems are odourless, making them ideal for highly-insulated buildings and individuals with allergies or sensitivities to noxious gases and poor air quality.

They’re protected from accidents and vandalism. Because the equipment is located inside a building, it’s protected from issues like animals, fallen objects or intentional damage

They’re safe. These systems can also offer increased safety, as they are non-flammable and have no need to store fuel.

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