Scraping. Banging. Whining. What Your Furnace is Telling You.

After a long summer of not using your furnace, you might be thinking about turning it on for fall.

At the very least, you should make sure everything seems right before the cold winter weather truly hits.

When you do, there are 3 sounds you don’t want to hear:

  • Metal-on-metal scraping.
  • Bangs or pops.
  • Squealing, whining or crying.

If you do hear any – or all – of these sounds, you should contact Haven Home ClimateCare, because it means your furnace is trying to tell you something.

Blower wheelThe noise: Loud scraping

The message: Check the blower wheel

The blower wheel blows hot, warm, comfortable air throughout your home.

No blower wheel; no hot air.

It could be one of three problems:

  • Problem 1 – The wheel has dislodged from the shaft: Blower wheels connect to a motor shaft via a set screw. If it’s loose, it’ll scrape against the blower casing.
  • Problem 2 – The wheel itself is broken: Only thing to do is take the old one out and put a new one in with a furnace repair
  • Problem 3 – Busted motor mount: This is bad news. Everything (blower wheel, assembly, screw) has fallen and has landed on the housing unit.

The noise: Bangs or pops

The message: The burners and/or air ducts need attention

It could be your burners…

It’s impossible to keep dirt, dust and debris from reaching the burners inside your furnace.

Once they get there (and accumulate), they slow down the ignition process.

That little bang or pop you hear? It’s excess gas buildup finally igniting. This can be quite dangerous, actually.

Tiny pops and bangs here and there may not seem like much. However, each explosion (really, that’s what it is), weakens and damages the heat exchanger.

Air duct

It could be the air ducts…

As you know, metal expands when  heated and contracts when  cooled.

When the blower turns on, heat is generated. When that heat reaches the air ducts, they expand. Take away the heat source, and the ducts contract.

The ongoing expansion > contraction > expansion > contraction cycle your air ducts are exposed to results in a banging or popping sound.

Usually, the simplest solution is to install larger air ducts, which fit into the space better (that way, they can’t expand when exposed to heat).

Blower motorThe noise: Squealing or whining

The message: There’s a lot going on

When you hear a high-pitched drone coming from your furnace, it could be one of – or a combination of – the following:

  • Blower belts are loose, slipped or frayed. If it’s the latter, then it must be replaced.
  • Dry shaft bearings in need of oil.
  • A blower motor that’s become damaged somehow.

The noise: Any of all of these sounds

The message: Contact us now

If you hear any of the sounds listed in this blog, don’t remove the furnace cover to take a look inside.

Also, don’t ignore them and hope they just go away either.

The smart move is to contact Haven Home ClimateCare and tell us what you’re hearing. That way, your service technician will be better prepared when they come visit you.

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