3 Noises You Don’t Want to Hear from Your Air Conditioner

AC Noises

When the summer heat is blazing down, you turn on the air conditioner and wait for cool air to quietly and efficiently circulate through the house.

Instead, your home cooling system is making some unusual, unpleasant, and unnerving sounds.

If you hear any of these noises coming from your air conditioner, make certain you contact us at Haven Home ClimateCare ASAP.


Does your air conditioner sound like a deflating tire or balloon while it’s running?

If so, that could be caused by one – or a combination of – the following factors:

Leaky lines

  • The cooling refrigerant in your AC is under a lot of pressure. Should a leak occur somewhere in the lines, you’ll hear a consistent hiss as the refrigerant exits via the link.
  • Book air conditioner repair You’re paying for a system that isn’t actually keeping your home cool. And if left too long, it could cause significant damage to your unit.

Valve leak

  • Inside the compressor is a valve that makes a hissing noise should it leak. This must be dealt with as soon as possible.
  • The valves are responsible for keeping the refrigerant pressurized. Over time, the leak will get worse, and so will the hissing sound accompanying it.

Compressor troubles

  • This is bad. Pressure inside the compressor is much too high and there could be a shrieking sound along with the persistent hiss.
  • TURN OFF YOUR AC IMMEDIATELY and contact us for emergency service. Don’t turn it back on until we’ve taken a good look at it.


Your air conditioner is full of electrical components and connections.

Should you hear a buzzing – or even a crackling sound – coming from your air conditioner, here’s what could be happening:

Circuit breakerTripped circuit breaker

  • Circuit breakers are rated to specific amperage. If more amps are being generated, the breaker will trip (that’s what it should do).
  • Dirty air filtration, debris, a motor malfunction or a compressor issue can all cause a tripped breaker and its buzzing sound.

Condenser fan motor

  • The big fan inside your air conditioner unit pulls in air and removes heat from the condenser coils.
  • If air is blowing through the home, but the fan isn’t rotating, then it’s on the fritz. It’ll need to be replaced.

Loose wires

  • Wiring which has become loose or worn out is preventing electricity from properly flowing through your system. As a result, there could be a buzzing noise from your AC.
  • DON’T TRY TO FIX THIS YOURSELF because you could end up impacting the system or even shocking yourself. Let us check it out for you.

Screams or screeches

A shrill scream or screech coming from your unit sounds awful and is a definitive sign it could use some air conditioner maintenance.

Usually, this sound is originating from one of two places:

Fan motor

Ac compressorCompressor

  • If your air conditioner screams or screeches only during start-up, it’s usually symptomatic of the compressor and its motor.
  • In this case, the compressor will need to be replaced outright. Without a functioning compressor, refrigerant cannot circulate (and your AC won’t provide any cool air).

Hear any of these (or other) noises from your AC? Contact us

Your air conditioner should provide quiet, reliable, and enjoyable cool air all summer long.

If it makes any of the sounds listed in this blog – or other noises which make you wonder – don’t ignore it and hope they’ll just go away.

It’s much better to deal with it quickly before it gets any worse.

Contact us now and tell us what’s going on with your AC.

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