Geothermal Cooling

Geothermal cooling is the most energy efficient cooling technology available today, as it utilizes a ground/water source heat pump.

A home geothermal cooling system works in tandem with a geothermal heating system. In the winter, a geothermal heating unit with a ground source heat pump gets its warmth from a circuit of pipes buried in the ground. An enviro-friendly, food grade anti freeze solution circulates through the pipes, picking up the natural heat of the earth which is extracted by a heat pump. A water source heat pump can be used if you have a well, pond, stream or lake. In this case, the water is drawn up directly to the pump’s heat exchanger, where its heat is extracted and the water is returned to the source.

With both ground and water source heat pumps, the process is reversed in the summer months when heat and humidity are drawn from the house to provide central air conditioning. This is how geothermal cooling and heating work together as an integrated system, improving your home comfort.
Aside from reducing your cooling bills up to 65%, and giving you efficient air conditioning, geothermal cooling systems can lower your water heating costs by 50%, and provide you with free heat for your hot water tank when utilizing the air conditioning components.

Geothermal cooling and heating units can meet almost all home comfort requirements with little backup required. That’s because earth and groundwater temperatures are higher than air temperatures in winter and cooler than outdoor air in the summer. For geothermal cooling, about 50 – 75% of the energy used to cool your home is extracted from the ground or water.