WeCare Protection & Maintenance Plans

We insure our cars. We insure our homes. We insure our health. Isn’t your family’s year-round comfort just as important?

We can’t guarantee your furnace won’t break down… but we will guarantee you protection against the cost of most unexpected repairs – and long wait times. ClimateCare’s WeCare Protection Plan is the most comprehensive furnace and A/C protection plan available.

The ClimateCare WeCare Protection Plan delivers peace of mind knowing that your family will be comfortable all year long. For one low monthly payment, you can be worry-free knowing that you’re covered for most parts and labour and priority service if something goes wrong. No pre-enrolment inspection required!

Benefits of your WeCare Protection Plan can include:

  • SAVINGS! Parts* and labour are covered
  • No after-hours rates
  • Security of service from a company you know and trust
  • Professional, fully licensed technicians
  • Peace of mind knowing your family will be safe and comfortable
  • Priority service appointments
  • Protect your monthly budget and avoid unexpected and expensive repair costs

Taking care of your home comfort system can be costly, especially if there is a problem. With a WeCare Protection Plan you avoid surprising bills for your repairs and take proactive steps to ensure the long-term health of your heating and cooling equipment. The WeCare Protection Plan not only gets you out of a no-heat or no-cool situation, it does more to ensure that you don’t get into one in the first place! By selecting low-cost maintenance visits as part of your plan, you ensure that your ClimateCare Member will call to schedule preventative maintenance for a time that is convenient for you. Let the WeCare Protection Plan be your best defense!